Sport Products

Sport teams usually need clothes with markings and that can easily be arranged at Temrex.

Sports Club Textile Services

We offer your sports club a unique and well working service package with which you can get arrayed effortlessly, fast and cost-effectively. To the service can be linked for example: sports uniforms and training clothing, traveling and representation outfits, bags and other necessary clothing. We will compile for your sports club your own unique clothing line from a wide range of quality brands. This ensures that there will be an optimal product for all of your needs. Ordering is easy with our electronic ordering system and all the markings are done in our own marking department from where the products are delivered to the agreed destination in the agreed time frame.

You can view our products in advance from the catalogs at the bottom of the page.

Fan Products Service

For development of clubs fundraising and fan culture we can offer a well working service where together with our experts a line of fan products is planned for you along with the markings of logos. We can develop an online shop to you for the fan products as well as handle all the product deliveries straight to the customers. We of course deliver fan products to be sold through your club.

The line of fan products can be compiled from Sport textiles as well as from profile products that can be found from the catalogs on the Profile Products page. Ask more about personalized custom products made as factory orders!

Sport Uniforms and Training Outfits

We offer a wide selection of sports uniforms and training outfits for different sports and for all levels from top professionals to casual exercisers. Our experts will help you find the best outfits fit for your club / team needs, uses, outlook and budget. Behind the quality are many of the well-known brands such as Joma, Craft, Clique, Cutter&Buck, Southwest and Sols. We will provide you with clothes for fitting from the choses products if necessary. Our own marking department will handle all markings and logos that will be on the clothing ensuring high quality and delivery on time.

More info about the outfits and clothing can be found from the catalogs at the bottom of the page as well as from our sales staff.

Traveling and Representation Outfits

A part raising team spirit, belonging to the team and clubs credibility are traveling and representation outfits. From our sport and profile clothing selection can be found quality brands fitting for different sports, age groups and image, for example Craft, Cutter&Buck, Clique, DAD and Grizzly. Our catalogs are a great way to view the selection we offer but we would love to have you visit our showroom here at Temrex which has a lot of outfits on display. Our staff is more than happy to help you with finding the most fitting outfits and plan all the markings or embroidery for them.

Other Clothing and Sport Products

In addition to all the things above Temrex offers wide range of products and outfits for sports clubs, athletes and casual exercisers for example:
   - Headwear e.g. woolly hats, caps, scarves
   - Bags and backpacks
   - Towels, bottles, socks, gloves

Additionally we have the Joma - department in our store from where you buy Joma products e.g. clothing, cleats and balls.


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