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Profile clothing

Temrex Oy is one of the best suppliers of profile clothing in Northern Finland. We are part of Nordic countries New Wave Profile – collaboration network whose selection consists of best brands in the industry. We offer to You the fastest, most cost-effective and the most effortless procurement service of profile clothing. We will compile to your corporation your own unique textile collection from a wide variety of quality brands so that there is an optimal product to all of your needs. Ordering is easy with our electronic ordering system and all the markings are done in our own marking department from where the products are delivered to the agreed destination in the agreed time frame. Part of the clothing selection is in our own warehouse and also available for purchase straight from our store. When we have the logos ready you get the marked products right away.

Examples of our selection:
   - T-shirts and polo shirts
   - College
   - Fleece
   - Coats for all seasons e.g. softshell, lightweight quilted jackets
   - Headwear e.g. Cuipi – woolly hats, caps
   - Bags

Our professional staff will help You with the profile clothing purchases. You can view our selection in advance from the catalogs below.


Katalogit - Profiilivaatteet


Corporate Gifts

When you need products for customers, partners as well as rewarding your own staff it’s best to turn to Temrex professionals. We help You to find fitting gift products for every occasion. Our service works effortlessly and includes marking service if necessary as well as delivery to the agreed destination at scheduled time.

From our wide range of corporate gifts selection can found a solution for every occasion or budget, starting from products that cost only a few euros to handmade unique items.

Examples of our gifts selection:
   - Premade and wrapped gift sets e.g. Sagaform, D&J
   - Soft packages e.g. towels, bath robes, bed linen
   - Hard packages e.g. flashlights, electronics, kitchen knives
   - Decorative items e.g. glassware, bowls, lanterns


Catalogs – Corporate Gifts

Kosta Boda

Promotional Gifts

If You are looking for promotional gifts and visibility products fitting for Your organization, Temrex can help you with those as well. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you and give ideas for products that will support your marketing communications and help with procuring them. Even with small but well thought of and high quality promotional gifts can affect the closing of big deals and help with establishing of long-term customer relations.

More about promotional gifts from the catalogs below and of course from our sales staff.


Catalogs – Promotional Gifts

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