Fire Safety

Extinguisher Maintenance and Checkups

A fire extinguisher, which is suitable and sure to work, is a prerequisite for fire safety. Easiest way to make sure an extinguisher is working properly and reliably is to call a Temrex expert to check it. We check all extinguishers regardless of the model and we make sure that all checkups that are even required by law as well as maintenances are done in time later on.

If you wish you can bring your extinguisher to our store at Jääsalontie and we will check it while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Checkup intervals for portable fire extinguishers are 1-2 years depending on the operating conditions and maintenance interval is 10 years depending on the extinguisher model.

We do all checkups and maintenances always adhering to the law and manufacturer guides.

We also take care of:
   - Providing additional extinguishers and renewals
   - Extinguisher attachment and placement
   - Installation of wall racks and lockers
   - Installation of fire equipment guide signs

Fire Hydrant Checkups and Maintenance

A fire hydrant is nowadays an integral part of the fire safety of many properties. In order for a fire hydrant to work properly and reliably it should be checked and pressure tested at regular intervals.

Fire hydrants have caused many costly water damages because of for example due to defective nozzles or seals. Fire hydrants come up regularly to which no water will not even come!

Easiest way to make sure your fire hydrant is working properly and reliably is to call a Temrex expert. We check and pressure test all fire hydrants regardless of the model or manufacturer and make sure that all procedures are done in time later on.

Fire hydrant checkups and pressure tests are always done as required by the legislation (EN671-3) and manufacturers and minutes are drawn up of all the measures taken which will also remain on the fire hydrant.

We also provide:
   - Fire hydrant renewals and installing additional ones
   - Suitable roster models for industries and agriculture
   - Guide signs
   - Spare parts

Civil Defense Shelter Checkups and Maintenance

The renewed rescue law no longer requires rescue departments to do checkups so the civil defense shelter caretaker is accountable for making sure that all the devices and equipment are properly maintained.

Easiest way to make sure a civil defense shelter is properly maintained is to call a Temrex expert. We do checkups for all types of shelters and make sure that they are functioning properly and maintained now and in the future. We also do air seal tests for civil defense shelters which should be done every 10 years. Our trained civil defense shelter inspector does air seal test adhering to the technical requirements and draws up inspection records and draft-measures for the civil defense shelter. We do all civil defense shelter checkups adhering to the requirements set by the manufacturers and acts of law. Minutes are drawn up of all the measures taken which will be automatically delivered to the authorities.

Civil defense shelter maintenance is an important part of the comprehensive maintenance of a property. Neglecting to maintain a civil defense shelter may result in expensive repair measures that cost anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands euros. We do anticipatory maintenance work for civil defense shelters in properties and with an annual maintenance we make sure that the technical equipment in the shelters are ready for use within 72 hours according to the regulations.

We will also renew outdated materials and equipment if agreed upon. Through us you can also get equipment for new civil defense shelters!

Fire Alarm Systems for Agriculture

Temrex Oy has a long line of experience about fire alarm systems for agriculture. We have installed hundreds of fire alarm systems around Finland and such we have provided the most fire alarm systems for agriculture in Finland.

Through us you get a reliable and designed for agriculture, Norwegian ICAS IRS-3 system delivered turnkey.

A fire alarm system at a farm helps you detect a fire during the first few minutes after ignition and gives you time to do initial fire-extinguishing and rescuing the animals.

ICAS IRS-3 farm fire alarm system has been developed to withstand the demanding conditions of animal shelters and give alarm of a starting fire. The system is equipped with the so-called pre-filters that guarantee reliable operating and long maintenance intervals.

ICAS IRS-3 combined to a gsm-dialer or crime alarm center makes a call and sends messages when an alarm occurs to up to 10 pre-defined numbers. The system has a possibility to control e.g. fire doors between animal shelter and feed storage, motors etc. We can also set the system to detect starting fires with heat detectors.

It is possible to get discounts for insurances for buildings that are covered by the fire safety system. Check the discounts from your insurance company, they are usually around 20%.

Through us you can get spare parts and maintenances to fire alarm system for agriculture.

We also do rescue plans for farms and agriculture.

Training and Consulting

Comprehensive safety begins with preparing for all possible risks by training and orientating all personnel for them. Be it safety card training required by law or you want an evacuation drill designed for you, we can provide them!

Some of the trainings Temrex can provide are for example:
   - Hot Work certificate courses
   - Initial fire-extinguishing courses
   - Evacuation drills
   - Rescue plan orientation / general safety training
   - Safety walks
   - Fall protection and equipment training

Check out the Hot Works and Occupational Safety card course schedule here

We also provide safety sector consulting, feel free to contact us!

Safety expert:

Mikael Kurttila
p. 050 5919 335

Firestop Installations

Many properties are hiding a fire hazard that many may not know about.

At the spot where cables or piping go through the floor, wall, roof or partition wall, the inlet must be sealed so that the required fire performance class stays at least the same as if there was no inlet. Firestops often remain undone after the electric and piping work for the property.

The responsibility for maintaining firestops falls to the owner of the property even if the authorities had checked them or not.

A firestop is an essential part of fire safety in a property. The experts of Temrex Oy can do even the most challenging firestop installations with uncompromised workmanship and quality products. Notes about the firestop installation will be left at the place of the firestop so that it remains easily recognizable. If necessary, we will also write a report about all the firestop installations done to the property which can be delivered to the rescue authorities.

Creating and Updating Rescue Plans

Important part of promoting security is to make a rescue plan and keep it up to date. The plan anticipates and prevents possible threatening situations.  A rescue plan is a document whose job is to work as a tool for promoting security for the owner, holder, operator and other community of the property.

A rescue plan should contain a plan of all the measures that the creator of the plan intends to take to prevent occurrence of incidents in their operations and property. The plan should also prepare for protection of the property and surrounding environment in dangerous situations as well as prepare for rescue measures they can do independently.

Temrex Oy does rescue plans for properties, farms / agriculture and events in a clear but very comprehensive way. Compilation of a rescue plan always includes a visit from our expert to the destination so that all the possible safety factors can be accounted for in the best possible way. The rescue plans are delivered in both digital and paper form.

Maintenance and Inspection of Smoke Extraction Hatches

Temrex Oy does maintenances and inspections for smoke extraction hatches in properties. A functioning smoke extraction hatch is essential during fire situations to minimize damages and as such is an important part of fire safety in a property.

Manufacturers define maintenance intervals in their usage and maintenance guides which is usually one year.

We do inspections and maintenances for smoke extraction hatches made by all manufacturers.

Markings for Escape Routes and Exit Signs

In an emergency every second is important. Escape routes that are properly marked and planned are of paramount importance for a swift and safe escape.

Easy way to make sure your escape routes are properly planned and marked is to call a Temrex expert. We install exit signs and other safety signs for all kinds of destinations. At the same time, we inspect and make sure that all the previous signs at the destination are in proper order too.

Our specialties are backlighting exit signs designed for target destination that contain the following information for example:
   - Right escape route from where the sign is installed to
   - Location of first-aids
   - Location of fire-fighting equipment
   - Location of rallying point
   - Brief guide for emergencies

Exit signs are a great way to raise the general safety level and a great help for enhancing orientation. Popular places of use are for example:
   - Schools
   - Offices
   - Health centers
   - Shopping malls
   - Commercial buildings
   - Hotels

Stylish aluminum frames guarantee that the signs fit for various building environments. Backlighting base ensures that the sign is visible even in darkness.

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